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              WHO WE ARE

Founded in 2018, T-TRADE, UNIP, is a company specialized in engineering and monitoring of excellent molds, with great technical requirements for plastic injection, for the various economic economics.

In 2020, has joined the Costa & Martinez group (Portugal - Marinha Grande) ,, strengthening more in the monitoring with its customers, being able to bring more solutions, increasing their response capacity.

Located in Barcelona Spain, T-Trade is distinguished by Engineering Excellence and the study of mold designs, in order to be able to offer its customers available and viable molds for their manufacture.

We have the best design engineers, who carefully study their molds with the support of rheological analyzes.

The prestige of our services, as well as the quality of our excellent engineering, has allowed us to conquer the most demanding markets.


Tractial Trade, s.l has developed its excellence in working with its customers such as...